What does it cost to use Access?

Downloading and using the Access app is 100% free. You can use Access to discover new securities crowdfunding investment deals.

Where can I download the Access mobile app?

The Access app is available in the Apple AppStore. Click here to download the iOS app. The Access team is working on the Android version of our app, which will be available soon. Once you download & open the app, you will be taken through a simple registration process.

What types of deals are available on Access?

Information about 506c, 506b and Regulation A/A+ deals from top platforms is being made available for investors through Access. Information about both equity and debt deals are available on the Access platform. Access shows investors startup, real estate, private equity, niche market and alternative asset private investment opportunities.

Can anyone view investment opportunities through Access?

SEC regulation requires that Access verify accreditation of customers before showing them certain investment opportunities. Accredited investors are able to view all deals. Non-Accredited investors are only able to see deals that fall under the provisions of applicable exemptions that can be offered to the general public, for example, certain Regulation A deals. 

Do I need to have an account on all crowdfunding platforms to use Access?

No you do not. However many platforms require that you create an account to get additional information and invest in a deal you are interested in.

Are the deals on Access risky?

All securities crowdfunding deals have a level of risk. It is important to understand your risk tolerance, investment objectives and the specifics of the investment opportunity in considering whether to invest.

What operation systems is Access available on?

iOS (now available) and Android (available soon).


Still haven't found your answer? Email us at contact@accessinvest.com and we will help.